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  1. Heavenly Life
  2. Heavenly Life
  3. Propaganda
    Propaganda fibernet
  4. Propaganda
    If It Ain't Dutch, It Ain't Much!
  5. narapon
    i cant post anything :(
  6. narapon
  7. Swordsman
    Waiting for ViewQwest staff tomorrow 25 June 2014.
  8. Gukkie
    Gukkie Nic
    Can I get access please thanks :)
  9. Din Seladin
    Din Seladin Nic
    Hi. How can I get access to VQ customer section? Thanks
  10. kennizie
    kennizie glenn
    In reply to your post, I'm Kenny Lee, postal code 330064.

    The provided cable is not working! I'm using the one by OpenNet. And 3m is just not long enough.

    I've called the hotline, and apart from asking me reconnecting the cables countless times, it is not helping.

    Can a technician come down to troubleshoots? I believe the cables are all in good condition.
  11. Jasper
  12. ndoo
    ndoo fibernet
    Hi Vig, do you guys have access to Hotlava prices? I was wondering how much a 6-port 1Gbit copper PCIe card would be, say, the Shasta 12G6?

    Thanks :)
  13. reagan ong
    reagan ong Nic
    hi can i have access to knowledgebase with guides in customer sections ? Thanks
  14. ndoo
    ndoo fibernet
    Heya, could you guys do a little CSS tweak on the forum? I’m using a 1080p monitor and it’s really wide, so posts end up hard to read because the lines stretch out really long.

    You could do: width: 70%; min-width: 1024px; (this will stretch the forum to 70% of the width to a minimum of 1024px)

    Thanks guys, it’s really tough reading the forum when it stretches so wide :S
  15. ndoo
    Watching the LEDs blink.
  16. thames
  17. kellogs
    I am sponge bob!