2Gbps multi-network pricing

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jitdor, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. Jitdor

    Jitdor Customer

    The price of VQ 2Gbps multi-network plan ($99) is now officially more expensive than signing up 2 x 1Gbps lines separately ($42 x 2), which is not making a lot of sense as the latter would come with two modems.

    In fact we can even have 1Gbps from VQ and add 1+1Gbps from MyRepublic for a total of 3Gbps aggregated bandwidth for just $101.99 or about $2 more... that's a lot of bragging rights for $2.

    A pricing review or give us 3Gbps for the same price perhaps?
  2. fibernet

    fibernet Administrator

    Yes but there is only 1 provider who can deliver 2Gbps over a single line.
  3. Jitdor

    Jitdor Customer

    For us who have already invested in a Mikrotik CCR, I would believe two line is better than one due to the HA (high availability) aspect from the additional modem.

    So, can we downgrade to two endpoints with separate 1Gbps lines and get an additional modem?
  4. Jitdor

    Jitdor Customer

    This is for the $59 "1+1" plan, looks like the same "2Gbps over a single line" offering

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  5. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Customer

    So VQ came out with a 2Gbps plan and then discourage people from subscribing to it but pricing it way over ?

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