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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by aJC, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. aJC

    aJC Viewqwest Customer

    ViewQwest has provided pretty gd internet connection for the past 2.5 years. However, the billing and customer service have been appalling. And this is an understatement.

    I re-contracted during the COMEX. Opted for $100 Bill Rebate & Free Goole Wifi with free installation. I also bought a Samsung Portable SSD. Because of the overwhelming response to the COMEX promotion, any possible installation can only take place after Sept 17. Then a series of frustrating encounters with the billing and customer service depts began.

    1. When asked for the possible date for installation of the Google Wif and delivery of the SSD, I said that because of my impending move of residence, I would prefer to delay it till end Dec 17. To which, the customer service officer (CSO) politely acknowledged. When I had decided the date for the relocation to take place, I called up and arranged a date. A day after communicating with a CSO, I received a confirmation which set up the wrong date for activation. I had to call and change the date. I was even told that I will be charged for changing the date.

    2. When the Google Wifi installation team finally "came", they arrived at my old residence. What can I say?

    3. No, they were not given the SSD to be delivered to me. So, I had to call the CS to arrange the delivery. I think I have made 3-4 calls and it is not resolved yet. One CSO even told me that the CSO I previously spoke with said that I will self-collect the item (so ridiculous). And the latest CSO I spoke with, told me that my last call to them was end Dec, when the previous call was 3 days earlier & that CSO was supposed to get back to me. Now this last CSO told me that a preferable option is for me to self-collect because they received many complaints regarding damaged products during deliveries. (Unbelievable). I have requested for the purchase to be canceled and asked for a refund. Am waiting for their reply.

    4. Billing dept.....After a couple of months into the re-contract, I realised I was billed for One Voice & its IDD usage - a service that I didn't sign up for and certainly didn't use. I had to painfully call the billing dept numerous times. Each time, telling me that they will get the finance dept to issue the credit note and will highlight the issue. The payment was finally reversed. Thought that issue is finally resolved, i was, again, charged for One Voice IDD usage. I wonder how many calls I still have to make.

    It is clear to me that there isn't any communication or proper processes within and amongst the departments.
  2. Kent

    Kent Administrator Staff Member

    Hi @aJC , thanks for sharing and we apologise for the frustrating experience that you have. Firstly, I have expedited the case to the relevant teams to resolve your issue. Additionally, we will be investigating the cause of this situation happening, and prevent re-occurrence. Thank you for your patience in this matter.
  3. aJC

    aJC Viewqwest Customer

    Just a follow-up.

    1) I called the customer service today to check on the status of the reversal of the charges of One Voice IDD - a service that I didn't subscribe. I learned that no credit note was put up for the reversal after my last call. I also learned that my One Voice had been "terminated" (like I said, I didn't subscribe it in the 1st place), but I was charged the usage of IDD??!!

    2) 3 weeks ago, a CSO called me and informed me that the SSD will be delivered to me within days. I have not received it. I wonder what good is the SSD to me now.

    It is such a pain.
  4. Kent

    Kent Administrator Staff Member

    Hi @aJC, thanks for the update.
    Understand that we have not addressed your concerns fully.

    From my end, have updated the team lead to investigate the issue of IDD usage and SDD issues.
    You will hear back from them, or I will respond when I have updates.

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