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    My 2 years of VQ is up.

    I called 2 months earlier to inform VQ to terminate the shitty VPN and 2 weeks to terminate the contract on due date.

    However was told by CSO to bring it to the showroom to surrender the modem. So i told them i will go on 25th March 2017 which is a Saturday. Guess What ?

    CSO opening hours vs showroom opening hours is not the same! Waste my time to go down bukit timah.

    I paid 68 dollars for 2 years for 600 mbps plan which within 1 month after IT show they drop their price further.
    their accounts fail to pay me my S$100 dollars which in the end need me to say i subscribe the VPN to offset the money they owe me.

    Very reliable internet but at a high price. both hand works differently from the brain...

    Cant they send a courier to pick it up from my house if this is so call the premium service?

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