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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LoneWolf, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Customer

    Just curious if anybody see VQ becoming just another ISP ?

    Performance has been getting inconsistent.

    My telephone constantly stop working for the past 3 years and the solution from support has always been rebooting the modem until my wife give up and just use the mobile phones to call instead. I've minmise BT anyway, and nowsaday, BT through a VPN services.

    Price has been dropping and while Starhub and VQ use to constantly upgrade users to the higher tier for free, VQ has stopped doing them, so right now, I'm paying price of the top tier for service at a lower tier, all for a free media player worth maybe less than $100/=

    Anyway, just curious what everybody else that are non-gamer think ?
  2. Nic

    Nic Administrator

    We're addressing the stability issues that occured during the first half of the year - understand that you guys are concerned with this (as you should be!!). We're upgrading a ton of equipment to address this as well as re-looking into our internal processes to reduce the potential for error.

    In terms of service - as mentioned on HWZ, we're beefing up the support staff numbers and bettering our training programs (so that not only can you easily reach someone when you need help...but that person knows what they're doing and can resolve it ASAP!).

    In terms of price drop and upgrades - well we've pretty much reached the limit for speed upgrades at 1Gbps. When you're up for re-contract you can absolutely enjoy any promotion we have on offer, and we're working on even sweeter deals for existing customers to re-contract as well.
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  3. SUPAN

    SUPAN New Member

    I can say their service very good ...

    I pay 69 per month but i see price dropped to 49 ... but if service good ... give and take ...
    but their account department very messy ...

    They own me 100 over dollars ... took 3 months still no sound ...

    tell them deduct from VPN ...


    Hebe concert winners never see them publish names ... so as supporters of overpaid vq not too happy.
  4. Nic

    Nic Administrator

    Hey supan - can you PM me your NRIC and VQ account number? Can help chase up billing for the overdue :)
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  5. SUPAN

    SUPAN New Member

    No need

    100 ask them deduct 10 per month for VPN usage until now i know VQ money liao .. but just a small feedback

    Whaahaha ..

    I getting another soon VQ line ...
  6. doki81

    doki81 Customer

    my 2 cents too...i think the CS/Sales team is CMI....i filled up my form....submitted the application thru email...and then to my surprise..they included the once voice and freedom VPN which i didnt opt in for.

    immediate i reply to the CS to cancel off the 2 services i didnt opt for. the form i use adobe to fill in....should be very clear..don't what happen to the cs eye or if the monitor too small..
  7. Nic

    Nic Administrator

    Ack! That sounds like human error :(

    It's a rare occurrence but unfortunately does happen - so sorry about it. Is everything sorted out now? If not plz PM me your NRIC/VQ account number and will get that sorted out pronto.

    We're working on a better signup/re-contract system that will hopefully eliminate this entirely :)
  8. doki81

    doki81 Customer

    yes, after email back and got the 2 extra service cancelled and refund. it's fortunately that i check thru the details on the application. else i wouldnt know until the next month billing ..provided i check the bill :p
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  9. MadChorus

    MadChorus New Member

    Oh yeah. I can't even start to stress out how much disappointed I am from the service I received when I re-contracted. They certainly lost me as a customer during the next re-contracting.
  10. chech01

    chech01 Customer

    Wah my recontract is coming up

    Thinking hard now

    Should I.....
  11. Andrew

    Andrew Customer

    I am extremely disappointed ViewQwest support. They are getting from bad to worse. Speedtest.net to ViewQwest server used to achieve 900+Mbps download & upload last month on my 2 Gbps plan, but now download at 300+ Mbps and 100+ Mbps upload. Called support line and waited for more than 30 minutes and no one pick up for so many incidents. Managed to get an on-site appointment, but they replace a reconditioned Zhone modem and have a wrong configurations on it with another customer name in it, old firmware and my port forwarding no longer working.

    I am a long time customer over 2 renewal cycles, i used to give them 10/10 score before but now I give them -10/10!! No more renewal because the high premium is no longer worth it!!

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