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  1. carlB

    carlB Customer

    Another tier for SIP Onevoice customers but cap minutes to x each month? Sip is by opt in.
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  2. wkweksl

    wkweksl Customer

    Don't mind it being capped at a reasonable 'fair usage' no. of minutes per month.
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  3. chaicka

    chaicka Customer

    I can understand the concern here. DO NOT take chance as the probability is just too high. Look at what happened to one of the ...........ops, talking too much. ;)
  4. kitsura

    kitsura Customer

    Actually the strength of SIP would probably be used to make overseas calls with better quality and more affordability. Local calls don't interest me and usually there are other ways to contact local contacts at low or no cost.
  5. eXtremeSG

    eXtremeSG Customer

    Like a lot of people here, my 'phone' now sits in a cupboard, connected to your modem - totally miles away from 'civilisation' where I can here it ring, ... or be bothered to use it, as opposed to reaching for my mobile.

    Why don't you guys come up with some options for us (capped call minutes per month) - so we can use our android / iphones to make / receive home calls - even when out and about.

    I'd love to ditch my M1 phone plan, ... just pay for data only, and get all my incoming calls routed to whichever phone I'm carrying around.

    This topics has been going on for a while, ... and it's been requested multiple times by your customers - so can you please come back to us with a solution ???

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  6. Ivan

    Ivan customer

    pfingo defines unlimited, as 2700 mins per month.
  7. eXtremeSG

    eXtremeSG Customer

    Almost a month since my post, ... and still nothing from you guys in terms of an offering we can subscribe to... Can you please set a target date of a fortnight and come back to us with something solid, i.e. that we can actually use ????
  8. carlB

    carlB Customer

  9. Pegasus-sg

    Pegasus-sg Customer

    I think is fantastic to offer a similiar Plans Like SH GLOBAL VOICE

    It offer a phone on hardware base and that can be connected everwhere/ A SoftIPHone is given for Android/OIS can be used with any Mobile Phones Can have either login

    I think is wonderful plus unlimited incoming & outgoing
  10. If you want a definite target, then I will tell you we definitely have no plans to offer SIP login as part of the current OneVoice residential service.
  11. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Customer

    Thanks. Good to have a definite answer !!
  12. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Customer

    When you sign up for a ViewQwest Fibernet™ broadband bundle, you also get a residential home phone line that gives you unlimited incoming and outgoing local calls for free.

    That means you don’t have to pay a telephony provider each month to simply “rent” a phone line and then pay even more to actually use it to make calls. Switching over to ViewQwest OneVoice™ next-gen telephony service is easy – simply ask our technical experts.

    Our Internet-based phone service has been proven in corporations that depend on the technology daily for their most important business tasks. Now, you can also make calls on a network that provides a reliable and clear phone service.

    Look out for more exciting things to come for our OneVoice™ service. Hint: it’s going to change the way you make calls in future!
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  13. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Customer

    No change in the way I make calls after more than 1 year except that I need to reboot the zhone router sometimes before I make calls, not sure if that's the change they were talking about...
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  14. toomuchtatose

    toomuchtatose Customer

    After using for 1+yrs, I like the zhone device. It works reliable, and as an end-user I probably do not want adding in more devices to become additional point of failure when emergency calls have to be made/picked up. Someone please recommend me a good DECT phone (long battery life, compact) tho, mine sucks.
  15. chaicka

    chaicka Customer

    Avoid Philips. Panasonic (some model, the one I used to use is great but shifted house and not having it anymore) is decent. Not sure if you can still find Siemens DECT locally, those are the solid ones.
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  16. toomuchtatose

    toomuchtatose Customer

    I was using Philips.. so... haha
  17. melvinchia

    melvinchia New Member

    And 4 years later, not much progress to the OneVoice service.

    Can I request for a few virtual services on OneVoice? Call Waiting (does it exist?) and Call Transfer (so I can pick up calls to my home number on my mobile phone when I'm not at home).. Can we have these basic services? If there's an intelligence of Call Transfer on No Answer (after x rings it will forward to my mobile) that would be awesome.

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