PSA for people recontracting. Check your bill

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by neu, Apr 24, 2018.

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    I recontracted one address and added another 2gbps plan to another address (bad move, service installed on the 16th of April 2018 but I've only had about 2 hours of connectivity from the installation date till today.)

    They billed my re-contracted address an admin fee. I was just trying to sort out my receipts and statements and had I not tried to figure out which bill goes to which address, I would have glossed over the charge. When I first asked the CSO if the bills would be indicate which address it's for she said no and that my billing address would be reflected in the statement. When I asked why the admin fee was charged on a re-contracted account. She told me that all contracts were charged the admin fee.

    I remembered reading otherwise on the application form, so I pulled it up and sure enough it states that the admin fee would be waived for re-contracted accounts.

    Just a PSA for fellow viewqwest customers who have recontracted recently. Check your billing.

    Meanwhile I have to keep hounding the CSOs over the phone for updates for my other location. Apparently NOC, NLT all don't know what's wrong and they have swapped out 4-6 modems already.


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