Suggestion to VQW - start a 'maximising your fiber connection' knowledge-base & service

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Phil, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Phil

    Phil Customer

    I think it's fair to say that there are a significant number of repeat questions from customers and potential customers both here but more prominently on the forums.

    Typically these questions cover the following topics, which are obviously misunderstood by many:

    1. Why can't I get 100 Mbps from my router (I'm on wifi)

    2. CAT5e cabling seems like a hassle, I don't see the point (!)

    3. I do 1,101 speedtest's a day but I still can't get more than 99.9% of my connection!

    4. How can I tweak my TCP settings (windows & mac)

    5. What's this VPN thing, why don't you let me surf blocked porn sites?

    6. Who's neosree?


    The point I'm getting at here is that many users are coming from slow ADSL/Cable connections and their outdated network hardware (be it Wifi or network cards, lack of cabling etc.) and while they're getting better performance than they were previously they're not getting the most out of their connection. Nor understanding it.

    VQW have a great opportunity to provide a detailed knowledge-base to help people get off the ground and perhaps even some kind of time-limited "hand holding" service to get up and running. This could include a list of recommended hardware, configuration files, software links, maybe even some kind of added-value profit-share with installers to do cabling work and setup media players etc. NONE of the big boys would be bothered to do this and it really could allow you to stand out from the crowd.

    The VQW help site + VQW tech-squad.

    Just an idea.
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  2. Sree

    Sree Special Member!

    Hi Phil, Thanks for the suggestions. In fact we already started doing something similar to what you suggested! :) First step was my Wireless Guide posted under Knowledgebase section here. More will be coming soon..
  3. Nic

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  4. ndoo

    ndoo Customer

    Phil, you sound like someone who could really contribute to the wiki :)

    Give it a shot, and you can always PM me here if you have any questions about the Wiki. Cheerio
  5. carlB

    carlB Customer

    What happened to the wiki?
  6. ndoo

    ndoo Customer

    Haven't had time to clean the spammers up, sorry!

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