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Discussion in 'The Press Table' started by Smithyhk, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Smithyhk

    Smithyhk Customer

    Received a surprise VQ service upgrade email yesterday.
    Lovely to see existing customers being looked after whenever price plans drop for new sign ups. Your service represents a breath of fresh air after my years of miserable, locked-in experiences with the Green and the Red.
    Really, really appreciated.
  2. Smithyhk

    Smithyhk Customer

    PS I would never go back to StarHub even they paid me for their service. Too many years of being milked like a cash cow which will not be forgotten.
  3. fibernet

    fibernet Administrator

    Thank you for you kind words. Please continue to give us your feedback. Only then can we improve.
  4. Robin Chee

    Robin Chee Customer

    Once we receive our official receipt via email of the upgraded service plan by recontracting, do we need to do anything? Reboot the router? How do I verify that I'm getting the upgraded speed (1Gbps) vs my old plan.
  5. mzsg

    mzsg Viewqwest Customer after rebooting your Zhone? :)

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