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  1. XyZzZ

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    Hi ViewQwest,

    I recently recommended my gf to subscribe to VQ for her new place, due to your speedy and good service.

    However, your staff told her that they can only activate the service on 22 jun Thursday earliest, and the modem will reach on 3 Jul earliest, i.e. there will be 14 days of her having no internet access.

    She's quite upset about the situation as she checked with her previous ISP (m1) and they would be able to provide her with internet access by 21 Jun (Wed). Is there any way to expedite?

  2. Nic

    Nic Administrator


    Did you GF sign up already or did she e-mail/call our team to enquire?

    If sign up already can you let me know the NRIC or VQ account number? Need to check whats going on. If it was just an enquiry via e-mail, let me know her e-mail if possible :)
  3. XyZzZ

    XyZzZ New Member

    Hi Nic,

    Thanks for the reply. I dropped you a PM with the NRIC; hope the issue can be speedily resolved.

    Please help to expedite. Thanks a lot! :))
  4. Nic

    Nic Administrator


    So had a chat with our service delivery department and here is whats up. Once we receive the notice from Net Link Trust (NLT) that the address is ready for service we provision the hardware and get it shipped ASAP. Total process takes about 7 business days max (usually will be shorter, but if our team and the courrier service is jam packed then it can take that long unfortunately). So i think 2nd of July was the max timeline that our staff advised your GF.

    Now! Here's the important part - we do not start billing (and contract doesn't start) until everything is delivered (usually 1 day after).

    I understand that you're worried about your gf not having any internet (and i totally understand how horrible that is!!!). This is why we always recommend keeping the connection from previous ISP until ours is up and running (so zero downtime!). I'm guessing that in this case though, the cat's out of the bag already and the termination is already scheduled?

    Have notified the team to speed things up for this case - we'll get there as quickly as possible!
  5. XyZzZ

    XyZzZ New Member

    Hi Nic,

    Thanks for the quick reply! Actually it's a new place, so no prior internet service there. Possible to expedite the modem collection and activation? Any dates you can share? :)

  6. Nic

    Nic Administrator


    Ah i understand!

    so for the NLT activation we can't expedite because we don't control that (sadly...) - we have to wait for the ready-for-service notice from NLT. Date we have for that is on the 22nd

    For the hardware configuration and stuff, yup we'll expedite. If your GF doesn't mind collecting the hardware from our bukit timah office - that will cut down on the courrier delivery timeline - we can possibly have that ready by the 23rd (no promises! but team will try and contact your GF to confirm when it's ready). Otherwise 26-27 will be the earliest.

    But! Our team is waiting to book the date with NLT (i believe your GF said she would confirm and call back). So in order to get the ball rolling plz get her to confirm via e-mail/phone asap :)
  7. XyZzZ

    XyZzZ New Member

    Hi Nic,

    My gf tried to call the customer service at 545pm, but nobody picked up. Strange, I thought the operating hours was until 6pm.

    Anyway, she wants to confirm the NLT date on the 22nd, and to self-pick up the modem (&router) on the 24th at your bukit timah office. Possible?

    Thanks! :)

    Edit: she has confirmed via email
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