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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by davidngo, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. davidngo

    davidngo Member


    I have been looking for a good solution to mirror my 12TB to cloud. I also want to be able to access to it from anywhere.

    I came across few solutions. Those popular ones like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, SugarSync, etc would cost me a lot to sync my 12TB. Also, only Google Drive has good upload speed that it won't take me years to upload that 12TB.
    Bitcasa and OpenDrive provide affordable solutions and come with unlimited space.
    However, Bitcasa is far from being stable. File corruption, data loss happen all the time.
    OpenDrive provides manual backup where customer can send in the hard drives for them to copy to their server for first time backup. But OpenDrive has quite slow upload speed, around 0.5MB/s.
    So, no perfect solution can be found yet.

    I'm womdering whether in future VQW can provide such cloud storage solution for VQW customers only. Since it's local server, I think upload speed can be super fast.
    If VQW offers such a addon service, I think I'll be loyal to VQW forever.
    I dont know how difficult it would be. Just a suggestion from a point if user.
  2. chaicka

    chaicka Customer

    It will drive down to level of service, overall cost (initial capital + long term maintenance) to provide it and how much consumers willing to pay.

    How much would you fork out for 12TB of cloud storage (with backup and retention of 12-months)?

    $300/mth with initial setup cost of $150? $600/mth with initial setup cost of $80? $900/mth with initial setup cost of $30?
  3. davidngo

    davidngo Member

    Bitcasa and OpenDrive are able to provide unlimited space for less than US$10/mth.
    Is there any technical trick that only they can use for their services?
  4. chaicka

    chaicka Customer

    Not familiar with those two. You need to understand their business model and where their revenue comes from to sustain the business. Maybe to retrieve back the data, you need to pay a huge price.

    US$10/mth not even enough to pay for hosting space + electricity for 12TB. Maybe they use the cheapest lowest performance HDDs, that would explain the poor upload performance.
  5. lyeith

    lyeith Customer

    some providers deliberately restrict upload/download performance to artificially "limit" how much users put onto their services, hence their ability to offer unlimited storage
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  6. kellogs

    kellogs Customer

    US$10/month is not even enough to pay for a single taxi ride in Singapore now.

    It is impossible to provide such service with SLA at that price thus explains all the data loss corruption and etc.
  7. davidngo

    davidngo Member

    I think now we have quite a few reasonable solutions for online backup.
    They are not all bad though. For example, Crashplan, Backblaze, Carbonite are very reliable.
    I'm using JustCloud now. They use Amazon S3 server so the speed is quite good. Sometimes I can get up to 8MB/s. So far no issue yet.
    So I don't think backuping few TBs of data always costs a fortune nowadays.
  8. kellogs

    kellogs Customer

    Yes you are right, it does not need to cost a fortune but 12TB for USD$10/month ... to be honest I would not dare to put my data on it. It is either loss or stolen :) - IMO.
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  9. Xinz

    Xinz Customer

    In the end might as well run a NAS and VPN
  10. davidngo

    davidngo Member

    I have NAS and external hard drives to backup the NAS. But I think it's also good to have some backup in the cloud in case... well... flooding destroying everything for example. Haha
  11. chaicka

    chaicka Customer

    Didn't know you are staying in basement unit. :p
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  12. Civicguy

    Civicguy Customer

    There is a local FREE 100GB storage that i used with VQ very well. Very fast to upload.

    Funniy it does not work with the red team..

    Anyway just 100GB so i used it for my baby photos backup
  13. fibernet

    fibernet Administrator

    We peer with New Media Express - that is why the connection is so fast. The Red Army too high and mighty to peer.
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  14. ndoo

    ndoo Customer

    Omg the buggers! I bought from them in 2011 and someone must have liked how it sounded, when it lapsed in 2012 :p
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  15. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Customer

    If the company have it's own infrastructure, why not ? That's the beauty of cloud, selling somebody 12TB doesn't actually means he will do 12TB, just as if VQ sell somebody 500GB plan, it doesn't means all users can use 500GB at the same time or that all users "will" use 500GB at the same time, otherwise, the cost will be ALOT more...

  16. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Customer

    FAQ :

    Question: Do you backup the data ?
    We do not backup the data for free service, we do provide data backup service at a certain fee.

    My Storage
    Temporary no storage available to subscribe, please try again later.
    You have not subscribe to any storage.

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